Clay Roof Installation in Austin, TX

Carry on a worldwide tradition when you choose clay-roofing installation in Austin, TX, from JC Roof Construction. When your home or business’s roof grows old and insecure, choose a roofing material that has withstood the test of time. Early civilizations in many continents used clay to build sturdy, long-lasting roofs, and today, our company carries on that tradition. Contact us to learn why you should add a clay roof to your building.

A clay roof continues to protect your home or business for many years down the road. If you are worried about weather and debris causing damage to your home, opting for clay can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on family and business matters. Its brilliant red and brown shades instantly add charm and appeal, increasing your building’s curb appeal and overall value.

The Benefits of Clay Roof Installation

The Benefits of Clay Roof Installation

Clay is one of the sturdiest roofing materials on Earth, which is why you should leave the installation process to an experienced clay-roofing contractor. Instead of struggling with heavy clay bricks on your own, make the smarter, safer choice and recruit our company. We offer affordable and dependable clay roofing services, along with repair and maintenance services down the road. Leave the heavy lifting to our friendly team.

The best way to determine whether clay roofing is right for your home or business is with a free estimate from our contractors. Because of its impressive weight, clay is only appropriate for strong, sturdy buildings that can handle a heavy roof. We may advise you have supports installed in order to accommodate the clay bricks’ weight. Contact our company to receive your estimate and discuss your ideas with our specialists.

Your Locally Preferred Clay Roofing Contractor

Don’t wait until the last minute to replace your dilapidated roof. Instead, reach out to a clay roofing installation team with more than 30 years of industry experience. Since 2012, our company has helped local homeowners and businesses add new roofs to their homes and offices. We have the tools and wisdom needed to add sturdy, long-lasting roofs that protect what matters most from the elements.

Recruit Us for More than Clay Roofing Services

What are your plans for your home? After you have recruited our company for clay roofing services, rely on us for all of your future repair and maintenance needs. Due to its durable composition, clay does not typically require much attention. However, should you find yourself in need of repairs, simply contact our contractors to discuss your situation.

Contact our roofing team to discuss your clay roof installation needs. We serve homeowners and businesses in West Lake Hills, Austin, Sunset City, Lakeway, Round Rock, and Elgin, TX.